Instruction is offered primarily for foil, but all three weapons are addressed. One primary instructor is a saberist, and several other members have experience with epee. Our goal is to provide each student with as personalized instruction as possible while balancing the demands of the entire group. Individual instruction is available after group drills are finished.

Regular Club Practices

Typical practices start with a light warm-up and some stretching, then a more strenuous footwork workout. The intent of the footwork drills is to develop a solid foundation for fencing movement along with endurance and strength. Group handwork drills follow with each fencer paired with, generally, like-skilled partners. Weekly instruction progresses in difficulty and emphasizes the natural strategic growth of individual movements and skills.

The remaining practice is open for free-fencing and/or individual instruction. Regular club meetings are Thursday nights at 7:00 PM at the Rapid City Aquatics Center located at 125 Waterloo St. Feel free to stop down to watch if interested in learning more.

Beginner's Classes

Beginner's classes are offered twice each year.  The first is held some time around the end of September or early October.  The second is held some between mid-January and mid-March.  The schedule is variable due to instructor availability and coordination with other club activities.

These classes include all instruction and equipment rental/usage.  You only need to show up ready to learn.  Twelve hours of instruction are included--typically one hour each week over a twelve week period.

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