Black Hills Fencing Club offers instruction in all three Olympic-style fencing weapons: foil, epee, and sabre. Established in 2003, we are the only fencing club in the Black Hills area, and one of only a few clubs in South Dakota.

What is Fencing?

There are several types of fencing or sword-play, but our club specializes in Olypmic-style fencing. This form of fencing focuses on the "sport" of sword-play, so we frequently compare ourselves to other individual, physical activities (like tennis, golf, racquetball, etc.). However, there are many aspects of fencing that make it unique. In addition to some physical ability (strength and quickness), it requires precision, intelligence, and patience, and it is this tactical aspect of the sport that inspires the description "physical chess".

For a general overview of the sport, we have posted an informational graphic developed for the Olympics. In addition, the Parent's Guide published by is a good overview of the sport and its requirements. It is available at or here.